When choosing a guitar, the most important consideration is comfort. Otherwise you won’t want to put the time in required to develop your skill. For children, there are scaled down guitars making it much easier for them to create chords and reach the end of the fretboard. If you’ve got your guitar – Get Started This Week


While practice amps are great (small, lower volume, less expensive), the small speakers often lack the tone of larger amplifiers. The key is to adjust the volume to fit the room and environment.


While every guitar player should learn to tune by ear, a good guitar tuner is really helpful – allowing you to quickly and perfectly tune your guitar regardless of other distractions (especially important if you plan on performing).


There is no end to the number of accessories for your guitar. The number one accessory is a strap – of course you’re going to want a strap that looks great, but you also need comfort. A wider strap distributes the weight better making it easier to hold a guitar for hours.